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Booking & Expenses

Planning a Event?

Why not have a costumed character or even characters appear to add that little extra effect.

Heroes 4 Hire is a Non-Profit costuming group based in the United Kingdom.

We pride ourselves in being the longest running movie costuming group in the UK.

Like other costuming groups we do not charge for the time we appear at your event in our costumes, But we do ask for our expenses. This includes : Travel costs, travelling time to and from the event plus any hotel rooms if needed due to start or finishing times, plus food whilst away from home.

We do try to offer the nearest actor to you, but depending on which character you request they might live the other end of the country.  So please email us about each character you are interested in and we will advise you of their requirements.

What we do offer is simply the best actors and costumed characters in the United Kingdom.

Any profit made is put into the up keep of the individual costume or the up keep of this group.

Other groups do exist in the UK but might require up to 3 months notice to try to arrange characters to attend.  You might not be able to wait that long, you may want to surprise someone last minute, Well that's fine with us, Our members can appear if free the very next day.

So please visit the characters to the left, send us an email & we will reply the same day.

We do raise funds for charities by doing appearances at our own expense.